Perşembe, Nisan 22, 2021

Khloe describes her BBL adventure with Mono:

My BBL surgery with Mono was amazing! I always wanted my body look curvier since I was a teenager; therefore, I have been looking for the best place for BBL surgery for a long time. When I first contacted Mono, I knew I was going in the right direction. The medical consultant I was talking to has shared every information about the surgery after she evaluated my medical condition in detail. They have arrival assistants who take care of everything like accommodation, transfers, hospital reservations… I stayed in Mono Villa and it was absolutely perfect! There is everything you need in the villa and it is so cozy.

My operation was great; I stayed in hospital for a night and get back to villa for the rest of my time there. Before I leave the country, I had a checkup with my surgeon and he explained all the post-operation instructions. Even now, after I got back to my country, I can contact my medical consultant whenever I need. My body looks curvy and amazing now, just like I wanted it to be. Thank you for making my dream come true Mono!

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