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Sarah describes her mommy makeover adventure with Mono:

I heard about Mono while I was searching for a breast uplift; but after I found them, I decided to have mommy makeover instead! I loved the results of mommy makeover operations as a mother of three. The assigned consultant helping me was very professional and caring. She asked about all the details of my expectations and suggested me the best combination of mommy makeover operations after talking to the surgeon. I had tummy tuck, breast uplift and implants and liposuction. My body looks wonderful now; much tighter and much youthful!

I was hesitant about the recovery process since I wanted to have many operations at a time but the aftercare days at Mono Villa was so relaxing and I was feeling very good when I was traveling back home. They gave me everything I needed; my personal assistant never left me alone and provided me with necessary garments and medications. Everybody on the team was very lovely and dedicated; also they are all English speakers. I have recommended Mono to all my friends, thank you Mono!

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