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Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

Rhinoplasty is a very successful and safe cosmetic procedure which targets the deformations and undesired shape of the nose; as it is one of the most prominent part of our body, appearance of the nose is effective on the overall aura of the patient in a huge rate. Therefore, rhinoplasty treatments are very highly demanded and able to give magnificent results.

One of the most common concerns of people who are interested in the rhinoplasty surgery is the recovery process; how long is the rhinoplasty recovery time? Is recovery after rhinoplasty painful?

Details about rhinoplasty recovery time

Rhinoplasty recovery time has different stages and every patient goes through these stages differently.

When all the instructions from the plastic surgeon are carefully followed, rhinoplasty recovery time is very comfortable and painless.

The most common side effect of the operation that majority of the patients experience is swelling and the bruising; both of them are the natural reaction of the body to the surgical operation and they are both temporary. The best thing to do to minimize the bruising and the swelling is the resting the head in an elevated position during the early periods of recovery and applying cold packs to the area around eyes.

Rhinoplasty recovery time is quite simple; however, to achieve the final results, patients need to wait for all the edema to go away. It takes around a year for all of the edema around the surgical site to disappear and nose to take its final shape; therefore, the success of the results should not be criticized before at least a year.

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