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Tummy Tuck Recovery and Scarring

   Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is an operation which aims to remove the skin layers around the tummy caused by pregnancy, weight changes or aging. The operation is very invasive and this brings about some questions for patients who are interested; is the recovery after tummy tuck uncomfortable? Not only the recovery process, but also the scarring after the operation is a common concern. Here are the details about the recovery and scarring after abdominoplasty.

Tummy tuck recovery period

   In the recovery period of tummy tuck, patients are expected to be attentive and careful about the process to achieve a proper healing and avoid unwanted side effects and infections. Right aftercare applications are quite important.

   The most important thing about the recovery is resting; patients should rest for enough time after the surgery to safely achieve their final results. Usually, surgeons advise to take 2 weeks off from work to rest; however, one week off is also suitable if the work is not very physically demanding.

   After tummy tuck, patients are usually provided with a right size of medical garment; if your medical center does not provide it, they may advise you about where to obtain a suitable one. This garment is a significant effect on the healing as it reduces the swelling and discomfort; so it should be worn as instructed and enough time period told by the surgeon.

   The physical activities should be limited until the recovery is completed; any position or exercise that may strain the surgery site should be refrained for at least a month. Heavy lifting and strenuous exercises can affect the healing negatively.

Details about tummy tuck scar

   The aim of the tummy tuck operation is to get rid of the excess skin around the belly for a firmer and more aesthetic look; every condition can require different tummy tuck technique and different tummy tuck incisions and scars. For example, after mini tummy tuck, patients will have a relatively smaller scar which looks like a C-section scar while in extended tummy tuck the scar would be much larger than that.

   Tummy tuck surgery plan should be custom-made; different patients may have different needs and expectations from the operation and therefore different techniques and incisions can be necessary. Most of the time, tummy tuck scar can be hidden below the underwear line.

   Scarring after tummy tuck is permanent; but then again this does not usually stand between the patients and the operation because the scar mostly fades away and becomes very uncertain as the time goes by. Patients can support the healing of the scar for a much minimal and faded look; vitamin E and avoiding smoking and sun exposure are the easiest but very effective things to do that.

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