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What Are the Commonly Performed Hair Transplant Techniques?

   Hair transplant treatments have been the ultimate remedy for hair loss conditions which have been a big problem of majority of men and women. With the constant improvement of technology and medical science, hair transplant techniques are very advanced and successful today.

   A good hair transplant treatment should be performed in accordance to a personalized treatment plan; the specific condition and expectations of the patients can require different hair transplant techniques. Here are some details about the most well-known hair transplant techniques.

FUT technique

   FUT technique is an old technique; FUT has provided many patients with very satisfactory results for many years. Though it is still well-known, this technique is not preferred as much as the earlier years.

   FUT hair transplant involves an extraction of skin strip from the donor area- back of the head- to collect necessary hair follicles to transplant in the hair loss area; this skin extraction process makes the technique quite invasive and it prolongs the recovery time. The incision is later closed up with sutures and a very visible and permanent linear scar remains there; this is a serious problem especially for patients who would like to style their hair short.

   However, FUT can still be the right technique in some conditions. The time hair follicles spend outside of the body is minimized in this technique which means a lower risk of damage; this technique can be preferred for more advanced hair loss conditions with limited donor areas to increase the survival rate and achieve better results.

FUE technique

   FUE hair transplant is the most common and most advanced technique; this technique has a significant contribution of hair transplants high popularity.

   FUE, follicular unit extraction, is done by harvesting the hair follicles one by one; through the harvesting process, there is no skin removal which can leave a permanent scar behind. Recipient area is prepared with canal opening and harvested follicles are then implanted into the hair loss area with suitable tools.

   Recovery period of FUE hair transplant is much easier and quicker than FUT technique; patients are able to continue their daily lives in a day after the procedure.

   FUE has made a revolutionary effect on hair transplant and motivated many hair loss patients to opt for the treatment.

DHI technique

   DHI, direct hair implantation, is a variation of FUE technique; this procedure brings together the collecting and harvesting processes of the follicles by the help of Choi implanter pen. Harvested follicles are transplanted in the balding area with implanter pen without opening any canals before.

   Direct hair implantation reduces the time that hair follicles stay outside of the body; thus the follicle damage risk during the operation is minimized. The survival rate of the follicles is maximized and a better density can be achieved with this technique.

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